About Us

There are many seed stage technology capital investment firms. Why do we need another one?

Technology holds promise. It also changes rather quickly, so what may seem like a slam dunk technology investment once day can be quickly discarded by the masses the next day. (i.e. Napster, AOL). But even in the stories of companies that are hot one day and gone the next, there are still winners. Whether founders that are willing to adapt or investors that are open to calculated risk, strategically oriented investors have been successful in seed stage investment.

Greenhouse looks to find companies who have already established a strong product with a nimble founding team and need a tactical  investment to see their businesses grow and further germinate. Looking for such investible companies requires a focus by the management team on several factors:

  • Founding team dynamics
  • Product market analysis
  • Channel partnership opportunities

We pride ourselves on bringing a background of investment management in traditional funds, the entrepreneurial experience, and sound legal acumen in the startup space. Our partnerships allow us opportunities to put our portfolio companies in front of multiple potential customers for testing and/or placement.

One of our most channels partnerships is with community bank advisory organizations who have a finger on the pulse of the banking market. We specifically ask in any potential portfolio company, “Will banks have an interest, and can it be implemented easily and effectively?”

We are a unique management team with the ability to find talented teams and scalable products that are poised for growth. Our fund investments typically range from $50,000 to $200,000 initially, with potential follow on opportunities. Are you ready to stretch you portfolio?